Now You Can! PesaFlex - Easy and Enjoyable! Lipwa na Kadi!


 Why Choose Us


One time 100Kshs Installation Fee

We charge a small, affordable token to install and use the PesaFlex App.


Dedicated 24/7 Support

You can rely on our 24/7 tech support that will gladly solve any app issue you may have.


Free Training

We tailor our installation based on your needs and offer free training on how to use the PesaFlex App.


Lowest Transaction

Our rates are among the cheapest in the market. We aim to support your business. Get in touch with us to get started.


Simple to Use

Our App design is easy and simple to use. Our design focuses on security, functionality and easy of use.


Secure and Transparent

Our system is extremely secure and easy to use. We employ critical security infrastructure for the safety of your business and clients.

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    How do I get the PesaFlex App?

    You can get the Pesaflex app by contacting us. We will physically come to your premises and install the app for you and provide a brief training session, typically lasting no more than 30 minutes. During the training, we'll demonstrate how to use the live scan feature, securely operate the app, and request withdrawals.

    Also, simply go to the get_app, and we'll arrange for a physical installation of the application at that location. We're dedicated to ensuring a seamless setup process for your convenience..

  • 02.
    What is the PesaFlex App?

    The PesaFlex app allows you to accept payments through cards, including debit and credit cards, regardless of your business size. It supports all Kenyan banks like Equity Bank, Cooperative Bank, and KCB Bank, as well as international banks, ensuring seamless transactions with Visa and Mastercard worldwide.

    It is a convenient payment solution designed to streamline transactions for businesses. With PesaFlex, businesses can easily accept card payments using their smartphones. The app offers features like live scanning, secure transactions, and quick withdrawal requests, making it an efficient tool for managing payments.

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    Is there an App for Consumers?

    Yes, there is! With PesaFlex, customers can easily save their card information securely on a mobile app as a QR Code. This QR Code can then be scanned by businesses using the PesaFlex App.

    PesaFlex supports various payment methods, including live card processing and both physical and digital QR Codes for seamless payments.

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    Are there any Hidden Charges?

    We only charge an initial 100 Kshs for installation and with withdrawals we do not charge upto a certain limit. PesaFlex does not have any hidden charges for both the business and its customers paying through their cards.

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    How do I get in Touch?

    Contact us at 0743912267 or to get started. For any irregularites, complaints or